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Chris Smith

"Spark Your Photographic Creativity"


Chris Smith is the founder of Out of Chicago Photography and author of The Photographer’s Guide to Chicago. Chris is the driving force behind the annual Out of Chicago Photography Conference as well as their annual landscape photography conference. After teaching high school physics for 17 years, Chris now combines his passion for teaching and photography through photography workshops and lectures across the country.


"Spark Your Photographic Creativity"

Chris Smith will lead you through ten photography projects to spark your creativity. Learn night photography, long exposure photography, in-camera motion techniques, how to design an image based on graphic design, train your eye to photograph patterns and more. Leave the workshop with several new techniques to pull out of your photographic bag of tricks. The skills you’ll practice throughout the week can be applied to all genres of photography when you return home. There will be time in class to process your images and receive critique throughout the learning process.