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David Hakamaki

Running a Successful Home Based Studio


David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog., operates a full-time, home-based studio in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

David has gained international recognition for his work, his business photography related programs,
and is affectionately known as the “Home Based Photography Guru”. David serves on Simply Color Lab's Simply Seniors Speaking Team, is an Interfit Creative Pro, BlackRapid Affiliate, Fundy Storyteller, and Savage Universal Featured Photographer. He is a
regular speaker at PPA affiliate conventions around the country, as well as being a featured speaker at the CanAm Photo Expo in Canada, The Societies of Photographers UK Convention in London, and The Photography Show in Birmingham, England. David is an Ambassador and beta tester for several of the photography industry’s most prominent companies. David started out in the business world and opened his photography studio in 2002. His studio quickly became the highlight of his region and currently generates 6 figures of revenue in a small, rural Michigan community. David has taught business, marketing and economics at multiple colleges and trains photographers on all aspects of posing, lighting, client relations, business and marketing.

His presentations not only focus on photography, but dig deep into the art of sales, marketing and client interaction. Understanding the pitfalls that todays photographers encounter, David uses his fun, quirky and dynamic teaching methods to offer a unique approach in presenting real world solutions to all levels of photographers. His presentations on business topics bring college level material down-to-earth and easily implemented into anyones photography business. He is the “go to” speaker on running a home based photography studio. David’s HS Seniors work has captivated audiences with his innovative ways to create a thriving senior business, create dynamic images that make his studio the “place to go” and regularly bring in $1000+ sales.David is a proud member of WPPI, SWPP, SISEP and PPA. He has served as President, Education Coordinator, and Growth Coordinator for his local Business Networking International (BNI) group, is highly active in his local community and roams the country with his family in search of adventure.

Running a Successful Home Based Studio

Today’s photography market has changed -- opening or running a “brick & mortar” studio is difficult. Studies show that home based studios CAN be much more profitable than a retail studio. So, if you are struggling to find your niche in a crowded industry,
look no further than this class. David has taught sessions, around the world, on running a successful home studio and is affectionately known as “The Home Based Photography Guru”. You will learn how a home based studio can outperform other
studios, by creating an inviting “business” look, separating the toys from the props, effectively conducting sales sessions and creating a professional look to develop your unique identity. See how David, ultimately, brings in $1,000+ clients and generates 6
figures in a small, economically strapped rural town FROM HIS HOME! This class also has great information for the traditional “brick & mortar” studio, so you, too, can pick up some great tips to position your studio.

The Senior Market is NOT Dead

How do you grab the attention of the fickle 17/18 year old and MAKE them want to come to your studio? David is nationally recognized for his stunning work with seniors, including creative lighting, posing, and location selection. Bring your camera and
inspiration as we take our Senior model through a session and get some great portfolio images that will attract the next round of seniors to your studio. Learn posing that both parent and teen will be amazed by, as well as how to set them up for buying during the session with your conversation. He will assist you with marketing yourself to the seniors & make you the HOT studio in town. David talks Senior Reps, social media, marketing, client interaction, location selection, post production & sales. He also incorporates a hands-on demonstration of his innovative “Live Viewing”, which has been instrumental in creating an unparalleled experience about his studio. This session will bust you out of the pack and make you the cool place to go. If you are a Senior Portrait Photographer (or want to be one), you will not want to miss this.

Off Camera Lighting that Makes You Look like a Wizard

Photographers deal with light every day. By allowing yourself to become the master of light, you can find new and unique ways to diversify your work and make it stand out. David Hakamaki will walk you through a myriad of lighting options, including natural
light, studio strobes, continuous lighting and portable LED lighting, to show you how many ways a subject can be featured. Attendees will gain a better understanding of lighting ratios, direction/intensity of light and how any light source can go in your bag of tricks. This will include HANDS ON time with the various lighting options, so you can shoot and learn with a model outside and on location.

Sales Sessions from A - Z

Most Photographers hate sales sessions. They are either have not taken any business classes, are uncomfortable with the entire sales process, lack the basic knowledge of profitable sales sessions, or just cannot “sell”. David grew up in the business world, has taught business at several colleges, and is a master at the sales session. The sales session is like a play. There needs to be an opening, body and close. He will show how to generate anticipation, walk through a sales session from START to FINISH, price products for maximum profit, and close the session so the customer wants to keep buying. Everyone will learn established sales tactics, incentive programs, unique addon sales tips & follow-up sales that keep your bottom line happy and are easy to implement. Stop leaving money on the table and take control of your business. Start making your business more profitable and successful by upping your business knowledge. No more Starbucks meetings for you!