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Jamie Davidson

Breaking Through Barriers in Your Photography


Jamie Konarski Davidson is an award-winning outdoor & nature photographer with a passion for capturing and sharing intimate details of nature and landscapes (intimate & grand, rural & urban). Regardless of the subject, she embraces creative techniques, simple beauty, and encourages people in their photographic journeys to find their visual voice. Her process emphasizes connecting with subjects and presenting them in ways that convey how she feels in the moment of capture. Her creative tools include color, infrared and black/white, macro/close-up, abstracts, HDR, long exposure, Lensbaby and all the tools of the digital darkroom. Being open to experiment and try new techniques is the dance of this photographer/artist.

Based in Greenville, NC, Jamie is a former board member of the North American Nature Photography Association and Carolinas Nature Photographers Association. She has presented programs and workshops for NANPA's 2015 Nature Photography Summit, N4C's Annual Conference, CanAm Photo Conference, Mike Moats' Macro Photo Conference and Unique Photo Expo. She also speaks to local and regional camera clubs and organizations in the Southeast. Through New Life Photos, Jamie leads workshops and photo tours throughout the Southeast and markets her work through exhibits and art shows. Her goals as an instructor are to educate, encourage, inspire and help people develop and grow their skills, connect with their subjects and see beyond the obvious so they can discover their own visual voice.


            Breaking Through Barriers in Your Photography

As visual artists, photographers begin their journey working out the technical aspects of capturing what they see. Then comes the balancing act between the craft (being technically correct) and the vision (what we see and feel). Both have merit. During this course, we will explore ways to find and own your muse so that your images reflect and express your vision, regardless of the subject. We’ll begin with the basics of composition, color & design and launch into seeing, defining and refining images behind and beyond the camera. Whether your subject is a beautiful bloom or a broken-down building, an open mind will see a myriad of possibilities.

Areas covered will include: building images, developing your “seeing” skills, creative macro techniques, landscapes (intimate & grand), long exposures, in-camera motion, infrared, black/white, use of textures, blending images and more – all with the objective of refining your vision while shooting and in post-processing. We’ll make use of Lensbaby optics, Nik Collection and Topaz Labs Collection and more. Learn how these creative techniques and tools can help you transform the ordinary into something magical. During this course you will work on creative and practical exercises and assignments that will push you past “should and can’t” and move you into “what if and why not” with your photography regardless of your area of focus.